SAGE - Table Mounted Veterinary Gag

Veterinary Gag
Veterinary Gag on Surgical Table
Veterinary Gag & Cheek Dilators


  • Deep Oral Access
  • Reduced User Fatigue
  • Increased Job Satisfaction
  • Vastly Improved Treatment Outcomes
  • Suitable for Various Medium Sized Mammals
  • Stable & Secure Patient Position
  • Simple & Fast Intra-Procedural Repositioning of Table Height & Oral Exposure
  • Gag Bars Act as an Instrument Rest, thus Increasing Control


  • Secure & rigid table
  • Deep oral access
  • Easy set up
  • Quick release incase of emergency
  • High duty, Engineering Polymer 20mm bed
  • Table raising mechanism with secure dual locks
  • Integrated carry handle
  • Table to base plate locking feature for easy and safe transportation
  • Dual gag opening mechanism for precise exposure
  • Integrated cheek dilators as an option
  • Various optional cheek dilator sizes
  • Table size suits various size heat mats

Kangaroo Oral Surgical Procedure

Kangaroo Dental Procedure

Tight Gap Exposure to Rear Molars

Wombat Dental Procedure

Integrated Cheek Dilator Hooks

Veterinary Cheek Dilators

Wombat Dental Spur Removal

Veterinary Dental Procedure

The SAGE Veterinary Gag is the result of a year of testing and development with Zoos Victoria (Australia), the Australian Wildlife Health Centre and input from their various veterinarian professionals and nursing staff.

Initially it was developed to assist the nursing staff to reduce the stain and discomfort of manually holding open the jaws of wombats and macropods, while simultaneously needing to monitor the breathing, heart-rate and assisting the veterinarian. A very difficult task to say the least.

Apart from totally freeing up the assistant from the arduous duties as a “human gag”, the veterinarian now has full, stable and unrestricted access even to rear molars of his patient. This has never been possible previously and the result is excellent procedural outcomes and of course job satisfaction.

So, after various models and prototypes a suitable proprietary gag was developed that has countless advantages, even ones that where not foreseen during the development process. Furthermore, each new model has new tweaks that improves functionality.

GA Medical manufacture and produce unique instruments and apparatus such as this gag, and as such we can modify and adjust the SAGE Gag to suit your specific needs. Just let us know what you need before placing an order. Or we can develop other instruments to assist your work.

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