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GA Medical Veterinary is my self run micro business that develops custom veterinary instruments. I specialise in producing medical devices for wildlife, marine mammals, fish and avian patients. So generally, for animals that most companies do not and will not service because they are not commercially viable. I donate a lot of my time in developing and designing devices for wildlife. Often many of the devices that I make, don’t pay themselves off due to the time, development, engineering and production costs. 

I do this because no one else does. I enjoy the challenge and seeing the results of my devices helping the animals that would otherwise suffer, be only half treated, or worst of all, die. 

So I am here to help.

My journey into this area began after I approached a few zoos in Australia and asked if there are any veterinary surgical instruments I could help develop. The answer was “Yes”, there are a heap of things that can be made to help wildlife. What I learnt is that most wildlife and avian patients are treated with medical devices designed for humans. So many of the surgical instruments are not suited for animal use and must be adapted or modified, and even then they often only do a fraction of what they should. Only a few devices are specifically made for animals. In saying that, those “animal specific” devices, are generally designed for animals that are widely kept as pets and generate profits, such as cats, dogs, horses and livestock.

There are many design projects I am working on at the moment for wildlife healthcare. When I finish one, often two more pop up. Having the financial resources would allow me to make them all. But these projects are usually self funded developments. So I do what I can, and try to never to say no to a project that I know will help an animal. 

Girius GA Medical Pty Ltd

Girius Antanaitis BDes(IndDes)

  • Founder & Managing Director of GA Medical Pty Ltd
  • Industrial Designer
  • Passion for helping Wildlife & Avian patients
  • Woodworker, Metalworker
  • Scout Leader
GA Medical Veterinary Workshop
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What I Do...

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