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Helping Save Wildlife!

GA Medical Veterinary is here to help wildlife, Australian marsupials, fish, marine mammals and avian patients receive better healthcare and improved surgical outcomes. 

It is a labour of love that drives me to help when and where I can. I do what most medical device companies find cost prohibitive, or not profitable. Working with zoos and wildlife organisations around the world, I endeavour to develop and provide unique instruments that are needed to help the world’s wildlife. From the largest whales to smallest birds – I am here to help make their lives pain free and enjoyable. 

Is there an Animal I can help with?

Kookaburra Broken Wing
Injured Turtle
Koala Dental Infection

How I Can Help

Animal Specific Instruments:

Custom developed for the individual needs of specific animals and procedures.

Orthopaedic Implants & External Fixation:

Designed and manufactured for the smallest birds to other animals that may need unique fixation devices.

Custom Laryngoscopes:

These can be created to assist tubing patients with various gapes.

Custom Consumable Kits & Instruments:

Although often difficult, I can provide options and manufacture various single use devices, such as sterile custom-made suture kits.

Assisting Veterinarians Improve Surgical Outcomes:

By sitting in or assisting in procedures and developing new instruments and apparatus.

From Sharks to Hairy Nosed Wombats:

I have , and I can develop instruments for avian, marine mammal, fish and unique wildlife.

My Projects & News

I’m pleased and very honoured to have been part of a very exciting project with a dedicated team of international veterinarians and Orangutan Foundation International Australia to help save a Sun Bear in Borneo.

Hitam - Operation Sun Bear

The project named Operation Sun Bear Borneo is sad story of a sun bear that was taken from the forest when she was young, sold as a caged “pet”, fed an incorrect diet which lead to poor bone development, leaving her in constant pain and discomfort for practically all of her six years of life. This project was a world first procedure that involved surgically enlarging her pelvic cavity to relieve her daily pain with a custom made pelvic implant developed and designed by me.

More information about this project can be found at the Operation Sun Bear Website.

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