Micro External Skeletal Fixation Kit

For small animal and avian orthopaedics

Micro External Skeletal Fixation
Micro External Skeletal Fixation
External Skeletal Fixation Joint


  • Increased accuracy
  • Decrease weight burden on patient
  • Reusable
  • Adjustable during and post-op
  • Reduced post-op slippage of fixation
  • Decreased chance of malunion
  • Increased chance of rehabilitation
  • Increased chance of release
  • Various part sizes and weight options


  • Adjustable joints
  • High strength stainless steel links
  • Extra light weight aluminium links
  • High friction connecting rods
  • Connecting rods can be cut to length
  • Pins self centre into joints
  • Parts created to be as light weight as possible

Fixation Parts Used on the Wing of a Kookaburra

Micro External Skeletal Fixation

X-Ray of Parts on a Sulfur-Crested Cockatoo

Micro External Skeletal Fixation X-ray

Pins and K-Wire ready Clipping

Micro External Skeletal Fixation

External Fixation Pins Clipped with Fixators

Micro External Skeletal Fixation

Working along side the avian and native Australian wildlife specialist veterinarians at  Zoos Victoria (Australia), the Australian Wildlife Health Centre and Bonorong Wildlife Hospital, these external fixation devices were designed and engineered as extra light weight and yet high strength parts to treat orthopaedic trauma on small birds and animals.

The parts replace older fixation methods that could not be adjusted, reused and were relativity high in weight. Using my kit increases rigidity and accuracy of orthopaedic reduction, thus reducing the chance of bone malunion,  and in turn increasing the success of the treatment and the future release of the animals back into the wild.

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